How long are EMOLABS workshops?
EMOLABS workshops are normally around 4 hours long, divided in theoretical and experimental parts, with a 20m break in between. They can take place in either morning or afternoon periods (9:00-13:30 or 14:00- 18:30). To book, please check the calendar for available slots.

Who can participate?
Since emotions and morality are transversal to many areas, EMOLABS workshops are aimed at a diverse public, provided participants are over 18, including companies of all trades, organizations, associations, universities, and individuals. Maximum number of participants per workshop: 10.

Where do EMOLABS workshops take place?
EMOLABS workshops take place at the applicant’s workplace.

Are EMOLABS workshops free?
EMOLABS workshops are free only for undergraduate students provided participants let the data collected be used for research purposes.

What is the price of an EMOLABS workshop?
All EMOLABS workshops cost 70 euros per participant (this price already includes travel costs). Should the workshop take place outside Lisbon during the afternoon slot, hotel accommodation must be covered by the principal applicant prior to travel).

Is there any preparation needed before a workshop?
Because all EMOLABS workshops are personalised, interested parties will have the opportunity to clarify any questions that may arise and inform of their goals through a telephone call at least five days prior to the meeting. The assessment of the existing physical conditions, namely regarding space and equipment, will also be discussed.

What is the language of instruction?
EMOLABS workshops are available in both Portuguese and English.

How can I book an EMOLABS workshop?
EMOLABS workshops can be booked via the direct link in each workshop category, by choosing from the available slots in the calendar.Payment must be secured within 24h from reservation and at least seven days before the session, at the risk of cancellation.