Rasa Workshop

Focuses on a more perfomative approach to emotions and morality by adapting the rasa box method developed by Richard Schechner in the 1980s which is based on eight core emotions from the Sanskrit text Natyasastra, explored individually or in combination with each other.

Building from the eight existing  rasas – “adbhuta (surprise, wonder), sringara (love, eros), bhayanaka (fear, shame), bibhatsa (disgust, revolt), vira (courage, the heroic), hasya (laughter, the comic), karuna (sadness, compassion), and raudra (rage)”, as well as Paul Ekman’s six basic emotions – anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise, the Rasa workshop invites a performative approach to emotions and morality which attests to the power of expression. As with the traditional rasas workshops devised by Schechner and others, exercises vary from explorations of a single rasa to combinations of various rasa among a group, through breathing, gesturing, acting, and vocal activities. The objective is not only to learn how to communicate more efficiently but also to help unblock possible tensions within ourselves.


Available soon.