EMOLABS is a laboratory which explores the impact emotions and morals have on our behaviour and decision making ability at individual and group level. Besides its research component, it offers theorectical  and experimental workshops aimed at understanding how performance, productivity, and judgment of both situations and people can change depending on particular dynamics of social interactions, and various stimuli.

The workshops focus on three main experimental approaches – sensorial, narratorial and performative – and the methodology employed has been scientifically studied, tried and tested by behavioural and experimental psychologists and neuroscientists over the last decades. EMOLABS workshops were designed to meet different needs and offer personalised training depending on the applicant’s intentions and availability. As emotions and morality are transversal to all disciplinary and professional areas, these workshops target both individuals and organizations, associations and universities. Their objective is to solve problems, being of cooperation or other kind, contribute to people management and team motivation strategies, and overall provide us with a deeper understanding of our everyday actions and reactions, always with a preoccupation with finding tailored solutions to specific needs.

EMOLABS workshops are available in both Portuguese and English.


Sensorial Workshop


Narratorial Workshop


Rasa Workshop